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Who Are Saturn’s Daughters?

You may know Saturn as the malefic ruler of limitation, structure and achievement, but did you know that his daughters were divine feminine goddesses who have influence over some of the most intimate parts of our beings?

Saturn had seven children: Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Juno, Ceres and Vesta. While not as well-known in pop astrology as their brothers, Juno, Ceres and Vesta are powerful forces that we all have inside us. Orbiting in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, these lovely ladies affect some of the most intimate parts of our beings in both strengths and challenges. Use our *free* birth chart calculator to find out where Ceres, Juno and Vesta are located in your chart, then come back here to see what each represents.

Ceres: The Earth Mother
Though less discussed than Pluto, Ceres is also a Dwarf planet, making her influence at least as strong as his in our natal charts. She is the quintessential Earth Mother. This placement expresses the way you feel nurtured, and the ways in which it's easiest for you to provide nurturing to others. It indicates how well you are able to surrender to the flow of the Universe, as well as the expression of the self as a vessel for the giving and receiving of energy.
Difficulties associated with Ceres include parent-child complexes, eating disorders, issues with employment, and fears around abundance and attachment.

Juno: The Divine Feminine
Juno is a symbol of a divine union of souls. Her placement in your chart speaks of your soulmate and a union that has the strength to withstand the tests of the earth plane, the ultimate commitment. She influences the weather, communes with flowers, is diplomatic and a protector of women.
Unconditionally loving, Juno also represents relationship conflict and power struggles.

Vesta: The High Priestess
Vesta represents the purest essence of who you really are. She is secure in her feminine power and is not swayed by attempts for attention from the male counterpart. She is a goddess of creation and is passionate in her pursuit of sacred projects. She is indicative of your sacred calling and your ability to devote yourself to it fully.
Her struggles have to do with insecurity, purity, and loneliness.